Our cooking is based on simple recipes with special flavours, ancient Tuscan tradition happily contaminated with culinary knowledge from the outside world. It is all accompanied by a wide selection of excellent wines.

The pasta is all hand-made and is accompanied by sauces with local game or fresh vegetables, according to the changing seasons.

Our soups are based on the old recipes used by the farming families in Tuscany in the post-war years, when they used only a few ingredients to invent and prepare nourishing a flavourful meals.

Our specialty is “’gnudi” pasta with leeks and ricotta, a surprise just made to be tasted.

All the meat that we serve is from the region of Tuscany, and it can be roasted, sautéed or grilled.

We offer the best cuts of beef, pork and rabbit, and excellent game.

Our Florentine beefsteak is the finest, a typical cut of Tuscan beef, which everyone who comes to our area must absolutely try.

Our desserts range from classics, such as tiramisu – prepared with the knowledge of centuries of experience –to flutes of chantilly cream with fresh berries – created by our beloved pastry maker, who continues to produce incredible delights.